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    Peoria Sports Complex



    The Peoria Sports Complex is one of the finest spring training facilities in the Cactus League. The city run facility is the spring training home of the San Diego Padres and Seattle Mariners, two divergent markets with one thing in common, both teams have struggled in their respective divisions for some time now and attendance from each market was beginning to trend downward.


    Line Drive Sports marketing was hired to refine their marketing efforts both in and out of market. This means formulating and executing a marketing campaign in the Pacific Northwest, Southern California, and locally here in Arizona. The first year Line Drive oversaw the established execution of a predominantly traditional advertising campaign targeted to Seattle and San Diego. Meanwhile, Line Drive devised a digital based advertising strategy for local fans that showcased the many amenities that the Peoria Sports Complex has to offer. The campaign was divided into specific groups with creative elements that were specific to them. (i.e. local families were served ads showcasing the Peoria Cove which is shipwreck themed playground and a miniature Wiffle ball baseball diamond; Millenials were served ads featuring beer, food, other young people having fun, etc.)


    The local strategy had a positive impact so it was refined and applied to the national strategy the next year. A website was devised to monitor conversions that we could not obtain if traffic went directly to the city website or the site used to sell tickets ( Invaluable data was secured on visitor interests and ticket purchasing habits. A robust social media campaign that included both organic and paid efforts helped to keep the Peoria Sports Complex top of mind with people locally and regionally in the aforementioned markets. In addition to this, additional data was gleaned from a social media based enter to win campaign that coincided with the 25th anniversary of the Peoria Sports Complex. The giveaway campaign partnered with Amazon and Southwest Airlines to provide winners with great prizes appropriate for locals and visitors alike.


    The City of Peoria now enters the third year of its relationship with Line Drive Sports Marketing. We’ve modified a largely ineffective, transactional print campaign to a highly effective, trackable, and robust mix of traditional and digital assets that serves the right ad, to the right audience, at the right time.

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